Company Overview

China Automotive Battery Research Institute Co., Ltd (hereafter abbr. as CABRI) originated from leading initiation of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) and General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals (GRINM) with massive support of state and governmental departments, who serves as an industry & technology coordination and innovation platform, jointly established by domestic scientific research institutions, power battery manufacturers and automobile OEMs. The shareholders of CABRI include 11 enterprises of General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals (GRINM), China Ting New Power, FAW, Dongfeng, Chang’an, SAIC, Brilliance, GAC, CATL, Tianjin Lishen while the registered total equity sums up to 850 million RMB.

The main orientation of CABRI is to carry out the research and development, intellectual fruit transformation and industry service of advanced power batteries, motivate the upgrading of China’s power batteries industry, and support the development of domestic proprietary new energy vehicle industry. CABRI , taking as the core objective the R & D of new generation power batteries and generic technology breakthrough within power batteries industry, strives to attain the target in 2020: ≥350Wh/kg of battery unit specific energy and 0.6 RMB/Wh of costs. The R & D covers industry chain key technology, equipment and standard specifications, such as key materials, battery unit, battery system, battery recycling.


CABRI has been making persistent effort for system construction, key technology development and industry cooperation since the establishment in September, 2014. At present, CABRI possesses the R & D staff of over 200, including doctorate and master’s degree R & D personnel of nearly 100. With the investment completion of over 300 million RMB, R & D and trial - production bases were built up including key materials, battery cell and battery system; therein the international top-flight configuration – leveled battery cell trial – production capacity hits 300 million year and advanced anode material trial – production capacity 1’000 t/year, and advanced cathode materials, BMS trial – production and battery cell and battery system testing and assessment platform are halfway under construction. CABRI has possessed the capacity to supply the advanced lithium ion power battery of specific energy 180-250Wh/kg package manufacturing.

In May, 2015, the State Council issued the implementation of China's manufacturing strategy for the first ten years of the program of action "made in China 2025", its the one of important part of implementation is the construction project of manufacturing innovation center ".. On 11th , April, 2016, with the organizing of the State’s MIIT, the manufacturing innovation center panel passed the general plan to build China’s first national manufacturing innovation center – National Power Battery Innovation Center, relying upon CABRI. On 30th, June, 2016, the founding conference of the National Power Battery Innovation Center took place in Beijing; therein, Huai Jinpeng, Vice-Minister of MIIT announced the vital instructions of the member of Political Bureau of CPC, Vice-Premier of the State Council, and head of the national leading group for national manufacturing power, Ma Kai; Minister of MIIT, Miao Wei addressed the conference at his presence; deputy mayor of Beijing Municipality, Sui Zhenjiang attended the conference. Miao Wei pointed out that the National Power Battery Innovation Center, serving for the industry commonality and utilizing all sorts of resources, e.g., technology coordination, equipment, personnel, funds, etc., blazes smooth paths to the frontier & generic technology R & D supplies, chaining the R&D transfer expansion to its initial commercialization. So that it will bring the strategic fulcrums to achieve the power battery breakthrough for our country, enhance the power battery industry competitiveness and support the new energy automobile industry development.

Within the next 5 years, there is a 2 billion RMB investment that is taking place to establish the power batteries coordination and innovation platform of designing capability research by CABRI, in the meanwhile, to build up testing and validation, trial-production incubation and industry servicing capability .Especially to focus the investment of 3 billion RMB for implementing lithium batteries upgrading project, doubling the current batteries specific energy and lowering the current cost halfway. By 2020, CABRI will attain the overall breakthrough and master the whole-kitted manufacturing technology, which will be predicted to motivate the industry investment of over 20 billion RMB and play an industry - supporting role to form the sale scales of 20 billion RMB per year for new generation battery products.